Finding Home: A Memoir of Arts and Crafts

A thoughtful and enlightening book. The author's heartfelt appreciation of personal participation takes a reader far beyond the daily grind.
 - John Cooper, Walnut Creek, California

The essay on cancelled stamps was very touching. Email, tweet, text have their place but to read letters my folks wrote to each other eighty plus years ago is like a Bach symphony to my heart. Special thanks.
 - Dorothy Kleingartner, Eugene, Oregon

This is a wonderful book. It approaches the "why's" and "how's" of everyday dilemmas and their resolution in arts and crafts. It's a book that makes the reader laugh and cry. I've ordered more to give as gifts. Thank you for writing it.
 - Marian Bodine, Fairbault, Minnesota

I love this book so much. It will be my morning ritual—to read a piece so I start each day in the wonderful place my soul is in when I read your words and follow your thoughts through grace in life.
 - Julaina Kleist-Corwin, author and teacher, San Francisco Bay Area

So your book really spoke to that question everyone always asks me when I show them a finished quilt. What are you gonna DO with that? They just don't understand that I don't always make quilts for a purpose. The doing is the satisfaction. The hunt for all the right fabrics is half the fun, all that glorious pattern and color in one place is like a chocolate shop. (Don't get me started on dark chocolate!) Every quilt I make I learn a new technique, expand my design and color knowledge. My very good friend says, Oh, I could NEVER sit still that long! She doesn't get that time just falls away.
 - Julie Trimmer

It's All About the Story: Composing a Life in Books

Your book is delightful and so full of thoughtful insight that makes me think—that's just how I feel too but I never put it in words.  
 - Joni Johnston, retired teacher, Escondido, California

Your book has given me many ideas, lots of great quotations, and full permission to totally enjoy these novels as a "getaway" with some redeeming value after all. Thank you. Thank you. 
 - Kathy Hayden, LCSW, Kalispell, Montana

I took your book of essays and began reading. It hooked me from the first one. I tried to limit myself to one or two of your essays a day so that I could make them last. Of course I exercised little self-restraint and finished them all in a couple of days. "It's All About the Story" is a treasured addition to my library. 
 - Julie Royce, attorney and author, "Traveling Michigan's Sunset Coast"

"It's All About the Story" is very enjoyable to read and valuable in its reminder of the joy of books, of reading, and of story. Congratulations! 
 - Don Dodson, Provost (retired), Santa Clara University

For the last twenty years reading has played an important part in my life. So your insights and thoughts on books and their comfort and teaching rang true to me and how they bring peace to my sitting. 
 - Greg Burton, Sand Point, Idaho

 What a fine collection of essays with some intriguing insights. I have the strongest urge now to pick up a mystery. 
 - Lee Pinckney, M.D.